Strum, Wisconsin 26. juli  2012

All the pictures are taken by Arne Joergensen, thanks..:-))

And if you like to send me more pictures from classic car meets in your hometown, please do..:-)





Just a little information on Strum.  Strum is a small town (1000/1200 people) in West Central Wisconsin, sirka 16 Norske mil fra Minneapolis. 

The town was settled mostly by Norwegian emigrants in the late 1800 or early 1900.  Scott Bjorgo the president and promoter of the show, is a third generation Norwegian.  His grandfather came from Bjorgo in Valdres. 

The show was started 22 years ago by Scott Bjorgo and Jon Hageness (an other Norwegian descendent) and the local Classic Car & Hot Rod Club. 

All the money made from the show is going to charity.  The show draws about 250 to 300 old cars, and about 1500 spectators.